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Alpha Interactions

September 13th, 2007

We Reveal What the other Pickup & Seduction Companies Do Not Want YOU to Know
Have you ever dreamt of being truly successful in life and love?

Have you ever wanted to get “that” girl - the one who seemed just out of your reach?

We can help you!

We teach guys of all ages and from all walks of life the art of social dynamics and interpersonal seduction skills.
This is your opportunity to join the ranks of men who refuse to be buttoned down. Men who stand up go out and get what they want.

It’s about achieving your goals, fulfilling your dreams and succeeding at anything you put your mind to. It’s about sex, love, life and LIVING.
Welcome to Alpha Interactions.


DeepVertigo is an Approach Machine! With over 1300 approaches to his name in the last year, DeepVertigo has made himself a popular choice for newcomers and experienced guys alike. 
His efforts have made him a master in day-game. Recognized by the best fellow PUAs in Europe he has helped students to achieve results all over the world. DeepVertigo is known to tell it as it is and gain his students FAST and CONCRETE results!!!!!

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Real comfort building

September 13th, 2007

This is a very short summary about my point of view.  I forgot a lot Smiley

“I have a lot of day2 but I crashed them all. “
“What do I have to say to girl after she gives me IOIs?”….

I’ve heard these questions so many times. Guess what, I find out an answer in 3 words:

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course you have nothing to say, what will you speak about except this board and your wing? That you are level 32 at World of Warcraft? How you burn this pizza last time because you fall asleep on your keyboard?
Comfort is based on your personality and your life. I don’t ask you to become a rock-star or to have a jet-set life-style. There are a lot of activities to do in your city but most importantly with your friends.

Some examples:
Sports:  like karting, running, boxing anything which makes you feel alive and healthy. It improves your sexual, mental and body performances….
Key word: Challenge, limits, fitness, health, feelings….
Arts and cultures: like museum, cinema, languages courses, dancing classes…
Key words: sharing, curious, discover, emotions, feelings, imagination, creation….

You don’t need to become Picasso or Ali. Just do it for yourself, do something you really like and appreciate. If you have to do it every Tuesday, don’t cancel it just for a date or your girlfriend. Your hobbies and interest are far more important than girls. One of the main reason girls loves artists. Their lifestyle is their identity.

Another good thing is to travel (as said by DDA): it opens your mind about other culture, and you will find out new people with different way of life and thoughts. Plus you can improve your cultural knowledge and languages skills if you want to. I read some people travel only to get laid. It pisses me off.
Last time I have been in Utrecht, I opened a girl just to get a free guide, not really to fuck her.

“I am a student, I can’t afford it”

Instead of drinking every week-end, stay home for three weeks and go abroad for four days. There is a couch surfing website and you can sleep in some people place for free. Plus we are a community. I already slept in many place cause of it. A London - Marseille with easy jet is 80euros with return way = 90 Euros = 2 drunk week-ends in London. About food, pasta is cheap you can it only pasta for 2/3 days it won’t kill you.

Before travelling, have you ever visited your own place? Each place is full of culture and history and foreigners (thanks Europe).

Anyway, there are simple things too, like going for picnics on the beach or the countryside, zoo, public swimming-pools….

You have no excuses. Get a life with your friends, and switch off your computer!  Try to forget pick-up for one months and enjoy real life, then set up some dates, and speak about what you did last months, and describe not only what you did but how it was, what did you feel, what is coming next!
This is how real comfort is build. Your true-self will change, only in a good way Smiley

Hope it helps!


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PUA/PUG: The sacrifice

September 13th, 2007


this is a post addressed to all players who started as AFCs. I don’t think half-naturals are really concerned, except if you teach other guys.

As me and Gem were saying in a book review, most AFCs wants success with women for a main reason : become happy.
They think they will be happy if they can have a lot of girls or a girlfriend. Of course a woman to support you is a nice and important thing. And the problem is this is not the most important thing in your happiness.
To have as much girls as you want will not really influence your hapiness. It will just make you target correctly your lake of happiness.
I hope most fo you by reading this post will be aware that hapiness is something else than women. You just have to do what is really good for you. Do what you really like to do, despite it can hurts people around you. Be proud of your ideas and your interests.
I really hope you will realize it before becoming very good with pick-up to avoid what most of advanced players (Mystery had this problem too) experienced once :

Once we woke up with one of our ONS. She is still sleeping and you go out of your bed and look at her and start to think :
” Fuck! I don’t give a shit about her. I don’t give a shit about all theses other girls I fucked! I am fucking lonely despite a hot woman is in my bed. In fact I am not more happy than before the game. I just opened my eyes!”

It happened to me few months ago. And I worked on it.  My belief regarding women completly changed.


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Manage your Ego

September 13th, 2007

Hi Guys !

I recently changed my deep beliefs and my conception regarding women, the game, myself, and people. I realized that all inner-game problems are due to our ego. I realized more you get skilled with women (especially if you are not a natural); more this issue is growing up. Whatever you think, all great players got at least once big inner-game issues. Mine were due to depression and ego problems. And absolutely all famous players are victims of their own ego. The only high skilled player I met without it was probably BG (from Nederland). The only one I met who looks like a natural.

But what is ego? This is something in us, men and women, which works in parallel with confidence. You can have confidence or not, you will always have ego. It is difficult to be objective and make a difference between confidence and ego. First of all you have to admit this issue despite your ego will trouble you (once again it is here).

Then now imagine being completely independent of other people’s opinion, that you have nothing to prove to them. Getting this strength will make you feel a real difference, a huge advantage, and a higher close rate than before. It seems impossible but you can put your ego in standby mode. Of course it is not conceivable to eliminate your ego cause your brain is not a computer hard drive.
Everything depends on your inner belief. Reaching this difficult step will make you able to forget everything about outer-game. You have probably seen a guy who always lay in when he speaks to girls and don’t follow any basic rules, but who is more successful with women than you are. This guy, you are probably jealous of him and you have to observe his behavior and understand his beliefs. You will find out what I am trying to explain you.

Fuck the Outcome, only the income is valuable.


Just my 2 cents,

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Provocating shit-tests to build attraction.

March 26th, 2007

I would like to speak about sh*t-tests.
You know that there are 2 kinds of tests that can use a HB on you:
Conscious and unconscious tests.
The first problem is if you failed or react badly, it is often a strong DLV. To avoid that speaking about frames and others thing already said by some VIP members may help us. The second problem is theses tests are not all the time some classics (buy me a drink, you are too young for me…), then you can not guess the contents and the moment of what’s coming next.
Once a girl I liked was testing me by “flirting” with another dude. With alcohol and tire, I fall in it. Instead of to AMOG this guy or fake as I don’t care, I have been stupid and get up in front of her went to open, hook, kino-escalate (hot dance very sexual  ), and introduce the first lone wolf I have seen in the lounge to each person of my own set including my real target. No news of my real target the day after of course.

That is why I started to think about finding a new parade to sh*t/chick-tests. I tried some things and I realized, I have found a great technique which generates DHV and reduce the time of A2 with this DHV.

Here we go. In true the goal is to anticipate sh*t-test by giving a way to the girl to sh*t-test you at the very beginning for the interaction. It simply means that you use a simple sentence or question to make her sh*t-test you. If you do that you will be psychologically ready to answer in a DHV way. The second important point is you will direct her sh*t-test by doing that as well. The sh*t-test she must use will be a classical for you (you have the habit to answer in a DHV manner). It sounds cool because finally you can choose when and which sh*t-test you have to answer.

I will give you a real example. I noticed that ALL girls are using the same test on me when they find out I am French.

With a strong Irish, American, polish… accent:
“Bonjour, je m’appelle HB, j’habite HBland.” Or “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir!”
“Hello, my name is HB, I’m from HBland” 

Before when girls said: “Oh you’re French. Bonjou…”
I stop her with strong BL, energy, parodying her accent and saying the same that all of them: …jour, je m’appelle….
Then I say: all girls tell me that kind of thing. Why are they not original and they are all the same?
I add a BL’s IOD and habitually it makes her trying to qualify herself.

It is a good way to avoid this sh*t-test but I have to be careful the whole interaction to react quickly.

Now what I do is to choose the moment of this test. By asking her:
Do you speak French?
Then she will automatically do this test and I am ready to cut off with my classic answer line.

I took a crap example but easy to understand what I try to explain you.
You already know a good reaction to a test may be a DHV. Imagine now that you can base your A2 only to your experience facing girls’ sh*t-test. Really powerful when you realize you can keep your canned stuffs as secrets weapons (if you like to create canned stuffs as me).
Another easy example to understand:

DV: What is your favourite drink?
HB: - blabla pay me a drink
Or - blablabla do you want a drink?

Then you answer as you have the habit to answer to this test. If you make her test you a lot and all the time you do not fall in it, it is a very good DHV and the girl will finally stop test you and give you some IOIs like the second answer of the last example.

This idea makes me think when I was a teenager; we had a game that each punches each others. We choose between abdomen and shoulder. I was always choosing abdomen because you can prepare your body to deaden the punch.




February 27th, 2007

You wanna learmn how to pick-up women ?

Check this out ! www.alphainteractions.com

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January 2nd, 2007

Direct-game section added on the right menu ^^

Video FR can be view from youtube.

Tribute to sarging from Deepvertigo is coming now !!!!!!!!!!! click here to watch the video


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When the Social-Proof kills your Pick-Up

November 14th, 2006

(warning : I simplify articles cause they are published as well in the French communauty website)

Social-Proof is a key DHV for a lot of PU. It shows you are a leader of men and makes you as well surrounded by women. It is then important to have some female friends, merging sets, pivots, wings…
Once again I will speak about private parties and other same kinds of events. At the beginning, it is great to have a strong Social-Proof but it will makes you a lot of obstacles on your way :

In first is that you will have to manage a lot of fucking AMOG , with friendly or bad intentions, soft or drunk, they can destroy all your work and make lost the value you had in your target’s mind.

In second sight, in private parties no bitch-shield but a stronger ASD …and more stronger if you know too much people. To isolate your target everybody will notice that you isolate her.How will she feel ? As a slut…maybe that you are a super star, with a good image but she has to manage that everybody will know you had a ONS with her. And she is probably one like any all others girls you fucked.

The last thing to know is about your value. Too much Social-Proof = too much DHV … Once an HB told me
[quote]When I have seen you the first time, I imagined you were a kind of posh guy, attractive, but who does not respect people with a too high status… [/quote]

You are supposed to have the same level of value with your HB (it explains a2/a3 in the MM). If the difference between you and here is too high it sucks.
In a bar or a nightclub, HB at the beginning believes to have a bigger value than you and with a wrong approach you fail immediately. In the case I expose you, it is the opposite. I mean your value is fucking too high compared to her, she is feeling to weak compared to you.

Social Proof is like everything : don’t do too much to avoid destroying your PU.



Everything will be in English/Tout en anglais

November 14th, 2006

Juste pour vous annoncer que la plupart des news seront dorenavant en anglais, cela afin de le rendre plus populaire. De toute facon ceux qui s’interessent a la seduction sont pour la plupart capable de lire en anglais. :)

Just to tell you that almost all coming news will be in english from now, to make this blog more popular. Despite that, I know that people interested in seduction are almost all able to read in english.

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[FR] Just a smile for a free drink

November 14th, 2006

I post this one, cauz the opener is based on direct game. This one has a strong technical particularity: almost following the MM with Swinggcat behavior.
Monday evening, I went out for a drink with my friends…I was heading out to the exit with my good friend HBbrazil till’ I saw on a seat a nice blonde girl with beautiful eyes, a Key-life. I show her a big smile and she…gave it back. Just at the same time:

HBbrazil: wait a minute, going to restroom before leavin
DV: wait a minute, going to pick up a girl before leavin.
HBbrazil: lol
I am coming back to my key life. With this sentence anchored in my head
« If I start a chat with you, that cause I expect you may reach my high standards and expectation ».
Because I was troubled by her attraction, it was really important to keep a strong behavior to don’t destroy my pick-up.

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Retour de la video / Video’s coming back

October 10th, 2006

Vous pouvez a nouveau visionner mon 1er FR video. Bien sur je ne fais plus les memes erreurs de BL qu’a cette epoque.

You can now watch again my 1st Video Field Report. Of course I do not do the same BL’s errors anymore.

Click here to watch the video


 For people who did not understand, after clicking this link look on the right top of the page. You have to type a security code and then wait few seconds. Magic you can download the video for free.


Les retours du workshop a Aix-en-Provence.

September 29th, 2006

Bilan très positif.Une seule personne nous a fait confiance,et du mec incapable de parler de manière audible quand il y avait une fille dans les parages,il a terminé la soirée dans les bras d’une grande blonde à deux doigts du kclose (gâché par le fait qu’une copine de sa target avait trop bu,et qu’il fallait la ramener d’urgence à la maison).
Et moi j’ai fini la soirée en numclosant la sosie de Britney spears (à l’époque de sa bonnassitude),Mais ça c’est une autre histoire…Dieu qu’ais-je donc contre les ONS ?

A venir la partie Relooking du workshop.


Effectivement, ce qu’a dit Asles résume bien la progression que j’ai pu avoir en 1 jour en participant à ce workshop  .
J’ai pu tt au long de cette journée bénéficier d’un coaching personnalisé et de précieux conseils pour dépasser mes blocages. Je n’ai plus en tête le nombre exact de filles abordées mais cela devait tourner autour d’une dizaine de sets et de moitié moins de filles seules, ce qui est énorme pour moi et j’ai failli kisscloser 1 jolie blonde.
Je tiens à remercier Asles et DeepVertigo qui m’ont mis un très gros coup de pied au cul ce jour là ainsi que les membres du LAIR de Marseille, et je conseille à tout ceux qui veulent progresser et qui ne savent peut être pas par ou commencer ce workshop qui en 1 journée vous en apprendra bien + que de longs mois!


C’est vrai Deepvertigo aurait pu fclosé s’il ne m’avait pas gentiment raccompagné ça prouve a quel point mes coachs étaient aux petits soins pour moi 
sans rancune


Donc comme vous pouvez le lire cela s’est tres bien passe. Le prochain Workshop aura lieu a Nantes, debut decembre je pense. Vous en saurez + tres bientot…


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September 12th, 2006

J’ai décidé de vous faire profiter de cette offre exeptionelle :

Une journée entière pour changer radicalement,avec un accompagnement illimité pour vous aider à mieux assumer qui vous êtes au fond de vous.
Où ?Aix en provence à 20 minutes en voiture de marseille
Quand ?Le samedi 23 septembre.TOUTE LA JOURNEE ET UNE BONNE PARTIE DE LA NUIT (fermeture des pubs,soit 3h du matin)
Certains voyent la séduction comme un rapport avec la gent féminine.Faux,vous avez un rapport avec Tous les êtres humains.Vous avez envie de réussir votre entretien d’embauche sans nuit blanche et surdose de caféine ?Savoir quel look frappera votre interlocuteur,et comment vous exprimer par le langage de votre corps ?
Essayez d’imaginer ce que vous ressentiriez quand vous entrez dans un lieu et que les gens viennent spontanément vers vous.Les regards des femmes vous déshabiller littéralement,apprendre les astuces pour garder votre copine,faire grandir votre relation,satisfaire entièrement ses besoins.Imaginez la sensation de puissance que vous éprouveriez si vous étiez capables de séduire la plupart des femmes que vous rencontrez,de charmer les hommes que vous croisez et d’en faire des amis après quelques minutes de discussion.
En quoi consiste ce workshop ?
Vous apprendrez à gèrer la peur de l’accoste.Vous apprendrez à aller parler à n’importe quelle inconnue sans la voix qui flanche,sans les pieds qui se font lourds,et sans transpirer.
Vous apprendrez comment charmer en quelques minutes de discussion une fille,un groupe de filles,un goupe de filles et de mecs.Le tout sans risquer de vous faire taper dessus par qui que ce soit!
Vous apprendrez les fondamentaux,d’une conversation interessante.Vous apprendrez à avoir de la répartie ailleurs que protègé par l’écran de votre pc.
Vous apprendrez à gèrer vos rendez-vous sans angoisse d’aucune sorte.Les lieux où l’enmener.
Vous apprendrez à décoder le langage des femmes.
Vous apprendrez à reconnaitre quelle femme est célibataire,quelle femme ne l’est pas.
Vous apprendrez à savoir quelle femme est interessée par vous.
Venez,et à la fin de cette journée vous ne serez plus jamais les mêmes.Vous prendrez enfin le contrôle de vos vies.
Et pour les participants,une séance gratuite de relooking sera organisée le samedi 30.
En fonction de votre budget et de vos attentes,nous vous relookeront.Et vous apprendrons à choisir les vêtements,assembler les couleurs,pour avoir le look démoniaque qu’il faut pour être au top tous les jours.
Attention,le nombre de places est TRES limité!!!!!!!
Il n’y a que 8  places disponibles (pour que chaque participant soit très bien encadré).Et des huit places initiales il n’en reste que 6,alors que l’annonce de cette séance n’a été faite qu’hier.
C’est l’occasion de prendre une revanche sur votre vie.Et d’être accompagnés dans cette démarche par des instructeurs compétents,et connus dans le milieu de la séduction,vous bénficierez après ça d’un accompagnement illimité dans vos démarches,vous pourrez nous poser directement vos questions.
Pourquoi vous priver de quelque chose qui peut changer votre vie du tout au tout ?
Pour tout renseignement me contacter par mail : ksdias@hotmail.com 

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Poulpy apres son workshop seduction

August 4th, 2006

Field Report (FR) du Workshop (WS) organisé par Deepvertigo à Dublin du 30 juin au 2 juillet 2006

Je rappelle la situation. Deepvertigo (DV) a eu la gentillesse de m’organiser un WS gratuit en one-to-one à Dublin. Je précise tout de suite que ce WS sera payant pour mes successeurs. Si vous commencez à crier au scandale, sachez juste que j’ai servi de cobaye à DV sur son enseignement et ses méthodes. Le WS sera ainsi bien évidemment encore amélioré.

Qu’en ai je pensé globalement ?

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[Fun Report] Boxing num-close

June 22nd, 2006

J’ai pas envie de faire un SR pour la soiree d’hier (pas de fete de la musique ici) mais j’ai envie de citer quelques moments clefs. Apres quelques opener rates et des bars tres calmes, la peche est mauvaise avec le Lair. A la base j’avais un date avec une Spanish qui m’a flake. Et devinez qui je corise au Fitzzemons…. la colloc et les copines de ma date, sauf que ma date etaient effectivement busy par son boulot donc mon flake est pardonne (ca a fait marrer les mecs du Lair). Par mis eux un Irlandais ayant vecu a Bruxelles et qui parle Francais. On va au bar de Temple Bar le plus connu : le Temple Bar.

2 HB9 sont assises a une table (le bar est tres grand et il y a foule) ce qui est assez rare. Je parle avec un des mecs pour savoir qui va winguer et qui va opener quand soudain un mec inconnu va les opener.

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